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Impel Solutions has been successfully managing information technology projects since 1998.
Impel Solutions' Values

— Employees —
Chosen for experience, skill and work ethic

— Clients —
Meet or exceed our client's expectations
and quality standards

— Integrity —
Honest and reliable – do what we
say we're going to do

— Passion —
Driven and focused to solve project
challenges and demands

— Innovation —
Continuously strive for advancements and improvements in all the work we do
Just as each organization and its processes are unique, so are the challenges and demands that it faces. In today's fast-paced, highly competitive market place, organizations must continually assess their technology investments. If implemented correctly, technology can be a major asset, transforming your business.

Impel Solutions is positioned to assist your organization in enhancing your technology investments. We recognize that while it is important to address the specific objectives of each project, we will always be cognizant of your organization's strategy and goals.

Projects may involve implementation of commercial software, custom software or a combination of both. Impel Solutions has the knowledge, skills and experience to implement the most suitable solution that supports your business objectives.

Our Mission
Enabling organizations to leverage their technology investments resulting in better information management and insightful business intelligence.

Our Driving Force
We are customer driven. We listen to the challenges and demands that our clients face and understand their strategies for information technology solutions. Our service offerings and software products are determined by market needs and we will keep pace with change.

Our Strategy for Success
To provide customers with services and products that have a value edge over those offered by our competitors.

Our Quality Policy
We will perform work and produce software products that are defect free. At all times, we will conform to and fully understand our job and project requirements.